Sections of the garden in your home

Although home gardening is one concept, you can divide your garden into different sections as below. So you can increase the benefit of the garden.

Sections of a home garden

  1. Kitchen Garden.
    • Seasonally used space, away from the rest of the residential garden.
    • This area containing vegetables, herbs, flowers and maybe some fruits required for everyday kitchen.
    • The place should be a sunny spot, close to a water source, close to your kitchen.
    • Plants that can be grown in kitchen garden are,
      • Tomatoes
      • Spinach
      • Radish
      • lettuce
      • Fenugreek
      • Gourds
      • Beans
      • Chilly
      • Cabbag
  2. Herb Garden.
    • Mainly consists of culinary or medicinal herbs.
    • Herbs are very important to have in your home garden, for their nice aromatic foliage and some for the beauty of their flowers.
    • Herbs grow well in pots and beds in your garden.
    • Once planted in proper soil or a pot with proper soil, they grow healthy and no need for too much regular maintenance.

  3. Water Garden.
    • Here plants are growing in small pools and ponds.
    • It is very important to study about potentials of a continuous source of supplying fresh water and way to disposing of the excess water.
    • They need special conditions and considerations to maintain.
    • Plants that can be grown in water garden are,
      • Water lily (Nymphea)
      • Water Hyacinth
      • Lotus (Nelumbium speciosum)
      • P Patera (Typha latifolia)
      • P Arum Lily
      • P Umbrella Plant
      • P Water Lettuce
    • Have to use biofilters or copper sulfate to keep the water clean in pools.
  4. Indoor Gardens.
    • Growing of plants within a residence or building, or in a greenhouse.
    • Indoor plants mostly are evergreens.
    • They require moderate sunlight.
  5. Flower Garden.
    • The flower garden is a mixture of plants of various kinds of heights, colors, textures, fragrances.
    • Grown for decorative purpose.
    • It can mix with food crops too.

Below are some ways of maintaining your home garden.

  1. Organic gardening.
    • A natural, sustainable method.
    • No use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
    • Mostly used to grow non genetically modified crops.
  2. Container gardening.
    • Growing plants in any type of container either indoors or outdoors.
    • Common containers used for the container gardening are,
      • Pots
      • Hanging baskets
      • Planters
    • Container gardening is typically used in entrance and on balconies, patios, and rooftops.

Urban home gardening.
  • With the growth of population and urbanization, land available for cultivation, including home gardening, is progressively falling around urban areas in the whole world.
  • Small land areas upgrading the concept of home gardens to subsidize the current nutritional requirements securing household food security.
  • The urban home or family garden contributes significantly towards local food security and nutrition, strengthening the family economy and in the conservation of regional and local agri-biodiversity and could successfully serve as a sustainable, green, environmental model. (Urban Home Gardens: A Sustainable Conservation Model for Local Plants Based on Mexican Urban Agri-Horticultural Practices-W. S. Poot-Pool W. Cetzal-Ix)
  • Have to choose suitable plants for the selected area.

Written by: Isuri Gunarathne View Isuri Gunarathna's profile on LinkedIn