Important factors of home gardening beginners

If you are a beginner to home gardening, you are going to getting a marvelous experience with home gardening. And if you have some things in your home garden then also you are going to expand your experiences by converting it to sustainable home garden.

You can make your home garden into a sustainable garden that can be more economical too. Growing plants here and there doesn't make your home garden a sustainable place. So with this article, let's plan to make our garden an effective and sustainable one.

If you are going to develop a home garden, first of all, it's very important to consider the present situation in your garden. Existing crops, Livestock, Fisheries, control methods, and the production capabilities of existing crops and livestock are important here.

To Analyze that make a simple map showing boundaries of your garden and the production items(Crops/Livestock etc), The map should be filled with the following items.

  • Land location.
  • Available space for gardening.
  • Building and their sizes.
  • Soil qualities.
  • Sloppy lands.
  • Sunlight and water supply of the garden.
  • Biodiversity of the Garden(Types of existence vegetable, fruit, flower cultivations, and livestock).
  • Controlling methods of crops.
  • Controlling methods of livestock.
  • Crop types.
  • Crop density.
  • Soil and water usage.
  • Organic fertilizer production.
  • Pruning(whether pruning has done for existing trees).
  • Types of animals(If there are existing crops and livestock in the garden, mark a rough value of their production).
  • Control methods(Cow,goat like livestock species feeding methods, therir living habitats etc).
    • Supply of food and quantity.
    • Waste management methods.
    • Health and sanitary facilities of animals.

According to the above points, get a brief idea about the failures in your garden that made your garden poor. Try to correct them. If you are a beginner, try to avoid those failures. And it is important to maintain a clean garden always. It may additionally make lots of advantages to you.

Some of the things that you want to get from your garden and the things you can achieve from your garden listed below. You will be happy with these fulfillments that are completed on your way.

  • Providing nutritious requirement of family. (Analyze your family nutritious requirement, and with your home garden you have to try maximum fulfilment)
  • Earn extra income. (If you have extran production, sell them to get an extra income. People are more willing about organic foods)
  • Food security for the family. (Because you are doing all the management practice to the crops , you know that no chemicals are used. And you can certify that food items are clean and not polluted from pesticides too)
  • Increase biodiversity of the garden. (A garden with many types of vegetabales,fruits,cereal crops,flowers and livestock will increase the biodiversity of your garden. It is a environmental advantage that you get. A garden with high bio diversity makes your mind charm too)
  • Reduce the weeds density from the garden. (When the garden is full of crops spreading of weeds getting lower. Then you don’t get pests attacks, because most of pests use weeds as their host plant tree)
  • Usage of the land in a sustainable manner. (As you using the garden for cultivation land usage becomes sustainable)
  • Apply sustainable landscaping to garden. (Landscaping the garden with edible crops add extra beauty and the sustainability to the garden. So you don’t have to spend extra money for the landscaping)

Now let's see the important parts of a home garden.

  • Home - The place you live in.
  • Garden - Area around your Home that you are willing to develop as a home garden.
  • Well/Water supply – Water suppliyin method shoud be there to you garden.
  • Fence/Wall – Boundraies of the garden.
  • Garbage pit – There shoud be a way to dispose the garbage.
  • Compost bin- To fulfill compost needs of garden it is important to maintain a compost bin or a pit.

Home gardening benefits

Benefits of Home Gardening Home gardens give more benefits for gardeners. It can be categorized into social, economic and environmental benefits.

Social benefits

  • Improving health.
  • Enhancing food and nutritional security.
  • Preserving indigenous knowledge and building integrated societies.

Economic benefits

  • Income generation and improved livelihood.
  • Improved household economic welfare.

Environment benefits

  • A home garden is a kind of integrated farming system. It has good nutrition recycling.
  • A higher number of species are present in home it improves biodiversity.
  • Soil conditioning and soil conservation.

Written by: Isuri Gunarathne View Isuri Gunarathna's profile on LinkedIn