Which stock to buy (Stock analysis)

The stock market can be a gold mine. It may help you to make a lot of money. But same time it can be risky if you are not going to play wisely. So you need to understand the risk because there is a chance of losing a lot of your money if you invest randomly without knowing things about the stock market and how it works.

So as mentioned above, before buying stock, you must study the basic things about the stock market. Must understand the risk of stock investment.

What are we going to discuss here?

In this tutorial, we are not going to discuss everything related to the stock investment. Here we are going to discuss various types of indicators and ratios which help you to analyze a company. By learning about those parameters will help you to get an idea about the financial situation of the company, performance, stability, profitability, etc. and decide whether it is a promising stock or not. And this will help to reduce the risk of your investment and increase your profit.

Where can we find the ratio values?

These ratios can found in financial reports like Annual reports, Quarterly reports, etc. You can find them from stock screeners like Yahoo finance stock screener or investing.com stock screener etc.


After learning about ratios, you can refer Stock Ratio Summary to remember how to use them when you analyze companies, or else you can prepare your own short note to guide your analysis. Company analysis will help you to increase your profit.

Hope you will enjoy this tutorial series and learn a lot from this.

Good luck for stock investing

Hope you will make a lot of profit from it...

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