Stock Market Tips And Tricks

We are living in an era where stock markets are flourishing day-by-day. As a result, the investors are in search of share market tips and tricks to select the best stocks to buy. Well, if you are a novice investor, then this article is for you to find stock tips and much more.

Stock Market Tips And Tricks

How to identify the best stocks?

Nowadays, buying stocks is not an issue. Instead, evaluating the best stocks to buy in the market is a challenging task. Anyhow there is not any single approach to identify the best stocks to buy, but the investor can make a wise decision by using the following techniques.

1.    Every investor has different objectives with respect to his investment. Keeping those objectives in mind, the investor should make a research and select the stocks of the companies.

2.    One of the best share market tips is to use quantitative and qualitative stock analysis while making the investment portfolio. Qualitative factors include company news, financial events, and personnel changes, etc. On the other hand, quantitative factors include financial statement analysis, financial ratio analysis, earning releases, market valuation, and dividend policy, etc. Normally, the companies having strong financial statements have a high potential to earn revenues. Therefore, the investors and traders keep a close eye on financial statements and earning release. The slightest change has a huge impact on the stock price. In addition, analyzing ratios before investing is among the best stock tips. There are mainly four types of financial ratios that help the investor to study the performance of the company. After analyzing financial ratios, the investor should calculate the fair value of the stocks. For the purpose, price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-book value ratio, price-to-cash flow ratio, and price-to-sales ratios are used.

3.    During the process of picking the best stocks to buy, the investor should avoid getting emotional. There can be a sudden hype for any stock but it is not sagacious to rush into buying that stock. One should spread risk and have a diversified portfolio.

Analyze the risk of stock investment

Risk and returns stay side by side when investing in any security. Higher risk tends to give a higher return to the investor and vice versa. There are several types of investors in the market, so not every investor is willing to bear high risk.

It is important to select the stock with respect to risk that an investor is willing to bear. Once the investment is made, it is crucially important to manage the investments, periodically.

Apart from this, there are a number of risks that are associated with stocks. It includes an obsolete business model, new competitors, exchange rate risk and general market risk, etc.

It is one of the share market tips to plan your trading risk. Generally, the investor has to bear systematic and unsystematic risks. Thus, the investor should prior set a risk-reward ratio for himself. Accordingly to the ratio, he should trade capital.

When to buy stocks?

There are different approaches to determine the fair value of the stock. When the market price per share is less than your calculated fair value per share, it means the stock is undervalued. Therefore, it is the best time to buy the stock.

When to sell stocks?

There are certain situations in which the investor should consider selling the stock;

  1. When the calculated fair value per share is more than the market price per share, it is suitable to sell the stock.
  2. When the price of the share is rising dramatically, it earns huge revenue to the holder.
  3. If the company’s net assets are near to turn negative, it is better to sell the shares to avoid any type of loss.

Important things to note in stock investing

Generally, there are two approaches used to analyze the stocks available in the market and pick the best stocks to buy; top-to-down approach and bottom-up approach.

For a top-to-down approach, the investor analyzes different economies. Every country has different economic conditions and in current times, it is far convenient to invest in any market. After analyzing different economies, different industries are evaluated. Further, the assets are selected from different companies.

In the case of the bottom-up approach, the investors focus on buying the stocks rather than systematically studying the economies and industries.


There are many share market tips to pick the best stocks to buy but it depends on the investor/the analyst that how he analyze and evaluate the data. The crux of stock tips to invest in the stocks logically and avoid emotions.