9 most famous Java Web Frameworks and Libraries

In this article, we are going to list down some Java Web frameworks and libraries and give a brief introduction about what are the usages of them.

Logo Framework Name Description of the Framework
Spring Framework Spring Framework Spring is the most famous Java application framework in the world, and it supports the inversion of control. There are clusters of frameworks and libraries developed by Spring on top of the Spring core. Spring MVC framework is the web application framework of the Spring ecosystem.
Struts Framework Apache Struts Apache Struts is a free, open-source, MVC framework for developing J2EE web applications. It supports convention over configuration, and it supports extension using a plugins
Vaadin Vaadin Vaadin is a framework and a platform which use to develop HTML5 web applications in Java programming language. It includes a Java web framework, a set of web components and a set of web development tools.
JSF Framework JSF (JavaServer Faces) JSF is a Java specification and an MVC web application framework for developing component-based web application.
JHipster JHipster JHipster is a development platform to generate, develop and deploy Spring Boot + Angular / React / Vue Web applications and Spring microservices.
Play Framework Play Framework Play Framework is an open-source web application framework which follows the MVC architectural pattern.
Google Web Toolkit Google Web Toolkit Google Web Toolkit is an open source set of tools that used to create and JavaScript frontend applications in Java.
Vert.x Vert.x Eclipse Vert.x is a polyglot event-driven application framework that runs on the Java Virtual Machine.
Spark Framework Spark Framework Spark is a open source MVC web application framework. A micro framework for creating web applications in Kotlin and Java 8 with minimal effort

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