9 most famous Java business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools

In this article, we are going to list down some Java reporting frameworks and libraries and give a brief introduction about what are the usages of them.

Logo Framework Name Description of the Framework
JasperReports JasperReports Jasper report is an open-source reporting tool, and developers can use it to generate dynamic reports. We can use this reporting tool with Java application, and it supports report formats like PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, etc.
BIRT Reports BIRT Reports BIRT Reports is an open-source reporting and business intelligence tool. We can use it to create data visualizations and dynamic reports that can be embedded in client and web applications.
JFreeChart JFreeChart JFreeChart is an open-source library for Java. Developers can use it to create both interactive and non-interactive charts.
FineReport FineReport FineReport is a web based business intelligence reporting and dashboard tool.
Pentaho BI Pentaho BI Pentaho is a business intelligence tool, and it provides facilities like dynamic reporting, data mining, data integration, dashboards, data transform, etc.
iReport iReport iReport designer is developed by JasperSoft and its free and open-source designing tool for jasper reports.
iText iText iText is a tool that is used for tasks like generating dynamic PDFs, PDF manipulations, PDF programming, etc.
JPedal JPedal JPedal is a Java library developed for viewing and manipulating PDF files. It supports PDF content extraction and complete PDF rendering functionality as well.
Apache PDFBox Apache PDFBox The Apache PDFBox is an open-source Java library, and which is used for generating dynamic PDFs, extract content from PDFs and manipulate PDFs.

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