How to make hand sanitizer at home

With all the chaos going on in the world, it's becoming harder to find everyday essentials, especially hand sanitizer. Never fear!. I'm here to help you make it in your very own home. This quick and easy guide on how to make hand sanitizer will help you stay safe and germ-free.

Homemade hand sanitizer

Your wallet will thank me, too. Homemade hand sanitizer only contains two main ingredients. Alcohol and aloe vera are all you need. The alcohol disinfects your hands, and the aloe gel gives you the familiar texture and leaves your hands nice and smooth. You can also use essential oils for an extra clean scent.

What you will need to make a homemade sanitizer:

  • 2/3 cup rubbing alcohol: Make sure it is at least 90%, or it won't be effective at keeping pesky germs away.
  • 1/3 cup aloe vera gel: Any brand will do.
  • Essential oils (optional): If you want to mask the smell of alcohol, you can add your favorite essential oils to give it a nice fragrance.
  • A bowl.
  • A spoon.
  • A whisk.
  • An empty bottle.
  • A funnel.

Here's how to make a homemade sanitizer:

  1. Measure out your ingredients and set them to the side.
  2. Pour your aloe into the bowl.
  3. Slowly add the alcohol, stirring it in as you pour.
  4. If you choose to use essential oils, add just one or two drops so you don't overpower or dilute the mixture. Then stir.
  5. To get a more gel-like consistency, use a whisk to create some air bubbles and thicken the liquid.
  6. Once it is mixed well, take a funnel and pour the mixture into an empty bottle.
  7. Carefully screw on the cap of the bottle.
  8. Take the marker and write "hand sanitizer" on the bottle so you can tell the difference between it and regular aloe gel.
  9. Store the bottle in a safe, dry place away from children.

It's that simple!

A few quick safety tips to remember about using sanitizer:

  • It is always best to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water. Hand sanitizer should only be used when you do not have access to soap and water, such as in public and in your car.
  • Do not get sanitizer (cause it contains alcohol) in your eyes, and if you do please wash your eyes out with water to prevent stinging and irritation.
  • Please keep hand sanitizer out of reach of children.
  • Adding essential oils is completely optional. If you have sensitive skin, it may be best to leave them out since they may irritate your skin.
  • Make absolutely sure you are using 90% alcohol. If you use anything less, it won't kill all of the germs.
  • Alcohol can dry out your hands, so you may want to use lotion after sanitizing.

I hope you enjoyed this easy guide to making hand sanitizer at home. Share it with your loved ones, and keep the nasty germs at bay! Remember, hand sanitizer is a substitute for washing your hands in a pinch. Do not use it for normal handwashing. Happy sanitizing!

Written by: Elizabeth.Turner